Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Giant Commission -- British Light Infantry

Glenn's Waterloo army will have two British light infantry battalions: the 51st and 52nd Foot.

52nd Foot

To make these look a little different, I painted them with buff straps.  My sources are mixed on whether the 52nd Foot actually wore their buff accoutrements at Waterloo.

51st Foot

As you can see, I painted up all Glenn's skirmishers as coming from the 51st Foot.  On the day of the battle, they were not heavily engaged.

Now I am making my way through 90 Hanoverian infantrymen.  After that, I only have the 95th Rifles left for the British infantry.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Giant Commission -- Highlanders

It's my secret shame.  I, Scott Angus MacPhee, do not like painting highlanders.  I may not be able to call myself a Scotsman.

The tartans are tough enough, but when you add in the diced hose and checked hat band . . .

Still, I managed to finish these 72 highlanders in just two weeks.  These are the three highland regiments that fought at Waterloo: the 42nd, 79th, and 92nd Foot

42nd Foot "The Black Watch"

This is the most subdued tartan pattern.  The challenge in 15mm is to make the pattern visible without making it too bright.  I hope I kept to a happy medium here.

Glenn wanted his highlanders to be grenadiers, so I had a bunch of shoulder wings to paint.

Many of the figures had very fragile bayonet joins.  I strengthened where I could, but I ended up having to replace over a dozen out of 60 castings.

As always the flags are from GMB and are correct for each regiment.  This is my second time painting this regiment in 15mm. I have it in my own army too.

79th Foot "Cameron Highlanders"

Family tradition has it that an ancestor fought in the Hundred Days campaign.  I have no idea if that's correct or not, but the 79th Foot had several MacPhees (with the original "McPhee" spelling, check out pp. 65-80).

Grenadier Company: Private John McPhee (wounded)
I Company: Lieutenant Donald McPhee (wounded)
II Company: Ensign McPhee
VIII Company: Private Donald McPhee (wounded)

So it looks as though the MacPhees fought (and bled) at Waterloo, or more likely at Quatre Bras.  I will admit that I lavished a little extra attention on this regiment, trying very hard to get the tartans just right.

92nd Foot "Gordon Highlanders"

This is certainly the most colorful of the Highland regiments at Waterloo.  The bright tartan and the yellow facings really jump out at the viewer.  This is my second attempt at painting the Gordon tartan, but my first in 15mm.

I am working on the British and Hanoverian light infantry now.  When they are done, I will be finished with the British infantry.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Giant Commission -- More British Infantry

It's just a small update today.  These four bases of skirmishers finish up the foot guards, and these two bases of the 44th Foot finish up the line infantry.

Today I am painting light infantry and highlanders.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Colonial Cavalry

I painted these colonials for my friend Kevin.  I finished the 16th Lancers for him earlier this summer, and these three additional units see an end to the project.

3rd Light Dragoons, c. 1840

Turcomen Cavalry

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

15mm Napoleonic Prussian Limbers

When my friend Austin gave up the hobby, he passed along all his unpainted miniatures.  I have been dipping into them a little at a time.  

I painted these Old Glory Prussian limbers over the course of six weeks, whenever I was between tasks on the giant commission.

I really like the way these turned out.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

15mm Civil War Armies for Sale -- Sold!

Edit -- Sold!

Up for sale are most of my old 15mm ACW armies.  I painted the bulk of these back in 1999, and they have served well on many a bloody field.  I started painting Blue Moon armies to replace these.

These armies total 929 foot figures, 112 mounted figures, 9 standing horses, 41 guns, and 35 two-horse limbers with 46 riders.  That's a total of 1,354 castings, all well painted.  

I am asking for $2,000 for the whole shebang, but I will entertain other offers.  Click on my profile to send me an email.

If I don't sell these here, I will parcel them out into eBay lots.   They will probably fetch more money that way, but I would like to keep the collection intact.

Union Infantry, 229 figures on 76 stands
Most of these are Musket Miniatures and Old Glory, although there are some Peter Pig and Frontier in there too.  They are based three to a stand, either on Litko 1"x3/4" wood or Wargames Accessories 1"x7/8" metal bases.

Union Infantry Command, 110 figures on 31 stands
These have the same mix of manufacturers.  The figures are all on the Wargames Accessories metal bases.  Some stands have more than three figures.

Union Mounted Cavalry, 60 figures on 30 stands
These are a mix of Old Glory and Battle Honors.  They are mounted two to a stand, and the stands measure 1"x1&1/4".

Union Dismounted Cavalry, 28 figures on 14 stands and 9 horses with three horse holders
These are all Old Glory.  The stands are 1"x3/4".  The horse holder stands are 1&1/4" square.

Union Mounted Generals, 12 figures on 4 corps command stands, 7 individually mounted
These are a mix of Old Glory and Musket Miniatures.  The individual stands are 1"x1&1/4".  The crops command stands are 1&1/5" square.

Union Artillery, 21 guns with 54 gunners and 21 limbers with 32 riders
These are a mixture of Old Glory and Battle Honors.

 Abe and Mary Lincoln, Peter Pig

Confederate Infantry, 250 figures on 75 stands
These figures are from Musket Miniatures, Old Glory, Peter Pig, and Battle Honours.  Some stands have four or five figures, but most have three.

These are Stone Mountain's "Ragged Rebels."

Small Confederate Infantry Stands, 64 figures on 32 stands
 I made these smaller stands for smaller units in Johnny Reb III.

Small Confederate Infantry Command Stands, 26 figures on 13 stands

Confederate Infantry Command, 77 figures on 23 stands
These are for use with the larger bases.  I made a real mix of flags here.

Confederate Mounted Cavalry, 20 figures on 10 stands
These are all Battle Honours figures.  One of the flag poles is broken.

Confederate Dismounted Cavalry, 34 figures on 17 stands
These are almost all Battle Honours.  Four of the figures are Musket Miniatures

Confederate Mounted Generals, 6 figures on 2 corps stands, 7 individually mounted
These are Old Glory figures with one Musket Miniatures figure thrown in.

Confederate Artillery, 20 guns with 52 crew and 14 limbers with 14 riders
The guns and gunners are a mixture of Old Glory and Battle Honours.  The limbers are from Musket Miniatures and Frontier.